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Re: MinoltaMan is now using a Nikon D90

MinoltaMan78 wrote:

After close to 31 years of using Minolta/Sony SLR equipment, I must
announce that I acquired a Nikon D90 system and I like it very much.
This was triggered by us getting for my wife a D90 for her birthday
last year. I wanted to get her a Sony camera, but she thought the
A700 was too bulky, and I thought the A200/300/350 not sufficiently
featured for what I wanted her to have. So we decided to get her a
Nikon D90 with the Nikkor 16-85 F3.5-5.6 VR lens. We later added a
Nikon SB-800 flash, their equivalent to the Minolta 5600 HS-D. She
was very happy with the camera and so was I, to the point that I
decided that I wanted one for myself. So I got one just before the
prices went up in February. I must honestly say, I think I feel I
can do the photography I regularly do better with the Nikon system.
I am not ready to totally ditch Sony, and I still plan to contribute
pictures taken with my Sony equipment to this forum, but, at this
time, the Nikon system is my preferred system.

Here is a link to a thread I posted on the Nikon D40-D90 Forum giving
my definitive first impression of the Nikon D90, with pictures, etc.
In one of the posts in this thread, I do a detailed comparison of the
virtues of the D90 and the virtues of the A700.


Recently switched to Nikon (D90)

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Great post. I was very interested to read this after my experience "upgrading" from the KM5D to the A700. I have really struggled with the new Sony, particularly with getting consistent focus and exposure. It has a lot of great features and is so much more responsive than the 5D, but I find it's metering unpredictable and often wrong. I also get the impression that Sony's SSS isn't as good as Minolta's AS. In terms of image quality, yes there is greater resolution, but the A700 doesn't seem to stand out compared to the 5D.

To provide a comparison I have got hold of a Nikon D80 which is a step up from the 5D but without all the bells and whistles of the A700 (or the D90). I find it a well thought out camera and a real pleasure to use. The interface feels mature although I had really got used to the QuickNavi system on the A700. I don't miss the larger colour LCD, conversely the Nikon use of the top LCD is smart as are features like the in viewfinder ISO display. The D80 may not be as quick as the A700 but it's fast enough for me and a real step up from the 5D. I only have the one Nikon lens, the 60 mm macro, but it's enough to get a feel for the capability of the camera.

Most importantly I have found the D80 to be a consistent and reliable performer and I have confidence in it's metering. A macro lens is never going to be snappy but the auto focus performance is fine. The lens is sharp as you would expect and the combination works well for me.

I intend to persevere with the A700 but if Sony don't start supporting macro photographers and I continue to battle with the A700, I could easily see myself using a Nikon system in the future.


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