Anyone else losing hope for a new 5D MkII? (R&D problem??)

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Re: Canon says: pro AF in FF is $8,000, thank you

jindrich rocks!

jindrich wrote:

bgbs wrote:

You will get pin sharp shots with 5D only when its on a tripod in the
middle of the sun. The rest of the IQ stuff requires sophisticated
things of D700. And thats where D700 trumps 5D. While you adjust 5D
for the inside room conditions, 700D already took 50pics that are
properly focused with 51pt AF system, WBalanced...etc. Thats what
people want.

that above is exactly my point. How dificult it is for canon to
understand we only want an AF like there was in a EOS 3 (damm fast 45
point), 10 years ago?

Go try an 1D series or a Nikon (almost any Nikon these days!), and
then go back to any non 1D body. Canon AF is very poor, and AI servo
a joke.

The Nikon D700 is €2,600 list, I'd gladly pay €3,000 for a Canon
clone, with the same pro AF but with a Canon sensor. I'd get two.

Having to pay €16,000 for two 1Ds every couple of years doesnt make
sense, specially when I could buy one Nikon D3 and one MF Hasselblad
H3D-31(mpx) for exactly the same amount.

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