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Re: P70 -> Questions to handlers

since80808 wrote:

I've several questions to people who have handled P70 already. Excuse
me for my English

1. Is there any permanent anti-scratch layer on the camera’s body?
2. Is there bracketing function? (Auto shooting with several
positions of EV)
3. How much Mb does use 1 min of the video?
4. How fast is the flash recharge?
5. Does this camera needs specific drivers or does it connects to PC
as usual USB Memory Flash? (at Windows XP)
6. Has it “M”anual shooting mode?
7. Is it possible to set Hot Key (like in Canon’s)? For example, for
the manual setting of White Balance. Or have I to set it in the deep
menu only?

Most of your questions (except for the first one) should be answered in the camera manual, which can be downloaded from the following link (just right click and Save As...):


From a quick scan, I see the following:

2) Looks like there is no EV bracketing so you would have to do this manually by dialing in less and more EV compensation for successive shots, as Pentax seem to feel that this isn't a necessary function for a point and shoot camera. However, there are histogram displays available for both capture and playback mode (the OK button cycles through the display modes) which should make trial shooting unnecessary in most situations except for when using flash when the capture histogram is not accurate (pages 20 to 25).

3) 1 GByte = 15 minutes (1 MByte = about 1.11 seconds) of 640 X 480 X 30 fps movie with each clip up to 2GB (30 minutes in this mode) using SDHC memory (page 237 specifications).

4) The manual doesn't say how long the flash takes to recharge, but most cameras with Lithium rechargeable batters such as this take about 3 to 4 seconds with a freshly charged battery after a full power flash (longer for weaker batteries, shorter if the full power of the flash is not required as in close subject distances, etc.)

5) Connecting to computer, whether Mac or PC, does not mention any drivers but only talks about using old versions of ACDSee as supplied. In fact, all Pentax cameras have been able to automatically connect to PC's with Windows 2000 and newer as "Removable memory" when the camera is in USB - PC mode (page 206 - 207)

6) This is a point and shoot camera so no manual shooting modes (specifications, Shooting Modes, page 238)

7) You can set a function to the green button (page 117).

Hope this helps.

Regards, GordonBGood

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