Kata 3N1-30 Bag Review (Nikon D700)

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Kata 3N1-30 Bag Review (Nikon D700)

Hi all,

I'd like to give you a quick review of the Kata 3N1-30 bag which I just bought.

Below, you can compare it against my existing Lowepro Photo Runner "baby bear", Crumpler Seven Million Dollar Home "mama bear", and the Kata 3N1-30 "papa bear"

The Lowepro is used mainly for my D200 and 18-200VR plus 2 small lenses (it won't fit the D700 + MB-D10). The Crumpler 7MDH can hold all of my equipment, sama as the Kata, except you'll get a somewhat twisted backbone and aching shoulder after a while But it is most suitable for smaller, lighter gear meant for indoor shoots like weddings or events.

I needed the Kata for two simple reasons: 1) because it can be setup as a sling-bag cum backpack, which it does brilliantly, especially when the straps are in X-criss-cross mode with the hip belt engaged. and 2 ) is also able to hold my D700 + MB-D10 + Sigma 150-500mm mounted when top-loaded. (Can't do this with the 7MDH). This setup is great for outdoor use. Btw, the top handle is very convenient and softly padded yet strong, allowing you to carry the Kata like a briefcase. Try that with the 7MDH top handle with all my equipment, and it distorts and feels flimsy.

Below you can see the front, clockwise from left: D700 + 24-70mm, Sigma 150-500mm, 10.5mm fisheye, some lens caps, Sigma 30mm, and Sigma 150mm macro. You can easily put in larger lenses in place of my primes, as there's ample space, and the padded inserts are easily repositioned.


As you may know, the Kata 3N1 can be setup for both right or left-handed sling use, and since there are two straps, you can set it like a backpack. You can also hide all the straps and it becomes neat and uncluttered.


The side flap, typical of sling-bag designs, allows the quick draw of my D700 + MB-D10, when in sling mode. Note the removable pouch on the flap.


The top compartment can hold extra gear like my SB-800 and diffuser, blower, rain cover, etc. It's quite large actually, so I could have fit in my Vosonic VP8860 storage viewer, cables, batteries, memory cards, etc.


A cool feature is that you can unzip the base of the top compartment, and push it aside. (You can't remove it though). Note the many places you can store small goodies...

top unzipped:

With the base unzipped, you can use the Kata like a top loader, and in this setup, the D700 + MB-D10 + Sigma 150-500mm mounted fits in nicely, with space at the side for my SB-800, blower, rain cover, etc.


From the front, I've changed the layout to accomodate my other lenses. Clockwise, from centre: Sigma 150-500mm mounted on Nikon D700, Nikkor 24-70mm, Nikkor 10.5mm, Sigma 150mm macro, Sigma 30mm.

front (top-loaded):

You can see more photos at http://harun.zenfolio.com/p120658270

Overall, the Kata 3N1-30 is an excellent bag. Build quality is tops, is pretty comfortable to wear especially when carrying heavy gear, is highly configurable, and looks cool.

Hope this helps, because finding a suitable bag is much more difficult that deciding on DSLR bodies or lenses!


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