Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: not a big problem

Gpech wrote:

By comparison, you can take a mjpeg movie (which is just a series of
jpegs) and take out a few jpegs from the middle of the movie and put
it back together without re-encoding at least the part of the movie
from the edit on.

There are a variety of intermediate formats designed for this purpose. The error you seem to be making is the assumption that the rest of the video has to be re-encoded after a cut. Just the frames preceding and for a short while after the cut would need to be re-encoded.

n I wonder why the system requires are for
"AVCHD video requires a Mac with an Intel Core Duo processor or
better." - taken from the Apple website. If there's no re-encoding
then surely you don't need a dual core CPU?

You're confused. That is the requirement for importing AVCHD into the Apple Intermediate Codec, which is a codec designed for editing. That code is optimized for the intel CPU, probably by writing much of it in assembly language.

Importing AVCHD into AIC and then editing it in that format is the apple workflow, but that's not really relevant to the point. IF you want to claim that this is the way people should do it, fine.

My point was that you can edit H.264 video without incurring a generation loss, except for in the area around the cut (and generally you don't lose any visual quality there either. Re-encoding doesn't necessarily cause degredation.)

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