Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: 2 stops

morey000 wrote:

2 stops.

2 * Sqrt(2) = 2.8
2.8* SQRT(2) = 4

Thanks, that's kinda what I thought, but good to have confirmation.

your other assumptions, while correct, don't really account for the
very different sensor technologies. Plus, your lens doesn't need to
be nearly as good if you are only trying to output the relatively low
resolution of HD Video.

Right, this kinda works in the favor of still cameras-- one of the critical things for HD is a good lens, and yet its even more critical for photos. So, even if the 14-140 is "cheap" or not quite up to the standards of a "professional" lens, I expect it will be quite good for HD.

I just hope they use the full sensor for HD and downscale, rather than just dropping the extra information to get the lower resolution HD frame.

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