Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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It's about convergence

Canon's new all-card HF S10 offers 8 Mp (3264 x 2456) native stills. I've always considered 8 Mp as the magic number, above which the diminishing returns curve accelerates. So what we have, then, is a true hybrid on the camcorder end.

The $billion question for the industry remains: Do consumers want a video cam that does stills or a still cam that does videos, or just a phone that does both? As we can see from the 5D MkII, the GH1 and the S10, the quality compromise between video and still is diminishing rapidly, and soon I think the only determinant will be, what configuration you prefer. Note the emphasis Panny place on the seemlessness of switching back and forth between video and still modes.

I think casual users, as opposed to enthusiasts like those on this Website, opt for cell phones first, then pocket p&s, which themselves are closing the quality gap. If I were just starting out in photography, it would be either the GH1 or the S10 depending on my bias. I'm assuming the "promise" of more Micro 4/3 lenses will be fulfilled by Panny sooner rather than later.

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