Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

Read a bit on the hv20 forum, glad to see Eugenia spreading her ignorant FUD. Its kinda amazing to read that thread-- a bunch of people are interested, then they start bashing it, you can see the group mind ging "oh, wait, this isn't from canon!"

And of course, they don't know very much about video. UGh. But that doesn't stop them from having opinions.

Fundamentally they think bitrate determines video quality, they are quite wrong. Quality is a combination of horsepower, bitrate and the amount of time spent encoding and the method used for encoding.

But why let others make up your mind anyway?

jordanofoz wrote:

arguros wrote:

Did you manage to get any feedback?

There's still a lot of unanswered questions about the GH1 so nobody
can really say much until there's a production model available for

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