Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: funny

MPEG2 has been around almost 20 years, and it will be around until the days that DVDs are no longer used--- I think that will be quite some time.

MPEG4 will be around at least as long -- and computers will be able to easily decode it. Any file format-- even "uncompressed" has assumptions built into it.

Closest thing to standard is probably the safest for future proofing.

jordanofoz wrote:

WT21 wrote:

jordanofoz wrote:

WT21 wrote:

As far as Shepherding goes, drop them all in to Super, AutoGK, or
whatever the equivalent is, and press the "encode" button.

and watch the video quality degradation begin!

If you're transcoding todays video for compatability with tomorrows
devices in 15 or 50 years (which I still argue probably wouldn't be
necessary) there would be no reason why you wouldn't use a lossless

Anything else?

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