Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: not a big problem

Gpech wrote:

LizaWitz wrote:

Gpech wrote:

That's right, none of these programs leave the frame un-modified in
the final video. I use Sony Vegas and it supports AVCHD natively but
when you "render" the final video it recompresses every frame.

You can't say because one product does this that all products do.

iMovie, I know for a fact, does not.

Sorry, let me clarify. I think AVCHD is not a problem because anyone
who will use it seriously will not be outputting in AVCHD so
recompression will always be involved. The discussion should focus
on how well AVCHD recompresses.

AVCHD is H.264 video in a transport stream, you can extract that H.264 video and iedit it (not easily, I'm looking for a good solution for that, but toast seems to be the product to do it right now-- this is copying the data into an MP4 file, not rencoding it.)

IF you shoot 720p and your output is 720p, then your edit will not involve any rencoding if you extract the video from the AVCHD before editing it.

Also, are you sure that iMovie doesn't recompress? Last time I
checked it decompressed AVCHD into an intermediate format for

You're confusing importation with editing. Just because there is a way to do something that involves recompression does not mean that this is the only way to work with the footage. Yes, people who just go with the default transcode their video into Apple Intermediate Codec, but I don't.

It really required a truckload of space on the Mac HD and
slowed the thing to a crawl. Indeed it asked you whether you wanted
to import in high or normal quality or something like that.

Which is why I don't use that method. If you give iMovie an MP4 file instead of AVCHD, it works with it natively, none of that importation needed.

Just copy the MP4 files to your imovie events folder. IT quickly builts thumbnails and then you can edit it as is.

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