What to do with old Zeiss lenses?

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Re: Adapter Article

Jane S wrote:

Thanks so much!!! Now I know that life does exist after death of
film...at least for my lenses!! You have more than made my day.
There is a re-awakening day coming for some long sleeping Zeiss'

You're welcome. Unfortunately there is no hope for the G2 lenses (I have a G1 + 28mm & 45mm) on a Canon DSLR because the flange distance is too small (29mm for the Contax G lenses, 44mm for the Canon EF-S mount). The Panasonic G1 could theoretically mount Contax G lenses with an adapter (G1 flange distance is 20mm) but the Contax G lenses are autofocus only and I doubt anyone will attempt to enable the autofocus of Contax G lenses on the Panasonic G1 via an adapter. Enjoy your Contax Y/C mount lenses on your Canon and your Contax G lenses on your G2...

Cheers, Keith

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