Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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WT21 wrote:

jordanofoz wrote:

This is the value of video, IMO. The trouble w/digital video is the
amount of shepherding (storage, transcoding) required between now and
50 years from now. The beauty of analog is, as long as you protected
the film, a light and a lens is all that is needed to see it.

You're forgetting that digital storage grows exponentially and in
5-10 years storing your mammoth amount of digital video will seem
trivial. You can already store an "unlimited" amount of data offsite
for $5/month with services such as Mozy Home. In 12 years your
terabytes of data will likely fit on an SD card of the day.

Of course by then you'll be figuring how to store the 4k video from
your cell phone.

Storage won't be the challenge, but transcoding as formats change.
That's the real issue. Transcoding requires having the old codec, the
processing power to transcode, and the time to shepherd all your
video through the process. People are going to have to make serious
decisions about what they bring forward.

It's not like a piece of hardware you need to go hunting in museums for, it's a piece of software... Can you name an industry standard codec that has suddenly been forgotten and lost to the annals of history?

If you're talking about compatibility with computer architecture in the future - You'll be able to run XP in a virtual machine 30 years from now, just the same as you can run a 30 year old operating system (DOS 3.0?) right now. But I really don't see this as being necessary. I can still play the "Microsoft Video 1" codec videos from my Windows 95 CD.

As far as Shepherding goes, drop them all in to Super, AutoGK, or whatever the equivalent is, and press the "encode" button.

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