Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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And one of the key features of the GH1 for stopping movement without a flash is the independant control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO that you just cant' really get with camcorders in this price range.

SteB wrote:

Although I don't currently shoot video and have no more experience
than the normal bit of camcorder stuff, I expect this type of camera
to revolutionise my photography. Primarily I shoot natural history
subjects and particularly macro. Basically it is my observations of
the natural world. Every now and again I come across situations and
scenes that don't lend themselves to still photography. A short video
clip would be much better way to illustrate what is going on. For a
long time I have considered getting into video but haven't because I
would only use it infrequently, and even if I lugged a video camera
around with me, it would be almost certain that I would have a stills
camera in my hand when I came across something interesting.

I am under no illusion about how difficult it may be to get good
footage and that the technique for video is different than a stills
photography. For instance I use flash a lot to freeze motion with
handheld insect photos - obviously this approach cannot be used with
video. Nevertheless I have worked hard on techniques for bracing my
camera to maximise sharpness and I am now very aware of how steady
things are in the frame. So yes it will be a steep learning curve,
but one I will enjoy learning.

I also fully understand the issue of sensor size. Many of those who
are anti-4/3 highlight the supposedly small sensor, depth of field
control etc, without stopping to think. Stopping to think that the
supposedly small 4/3 sensor is actually much closer to APS-C or even
FF than it is to a digicam or camcorder sensor. In fact only the
other day someone on the News Forum tried to contradict me and
claimed that I was wrong and the 4/3 sensor was much closer to a
digicam sensor than it was to APS-C - they had got their figures
muddled up. I think the 4/3 sensor is an excellent compromise size
for this type of hybrid camera. It is big enough to offer a
substantial advantage over the smaller sensors of digicams and
camcorders, yet small enough not to require massive lenses.

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