Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Just because you don't use it, doesn't make you an expert.

tko wrote:

That's why I and most others do film.

That's fine, but your misconceptions about video don't mean that video is pointless for those who do use it.

So, does anyone have a burning desire to rescue, restore, and look at
their families old super 8 movies? : )

Absolutely. Don't you? I'm trying to figure a cost effective, high quality and relaible way to rescue super-8 footage, since there aren't many places that will scan it and those that do are either super expensive, or low quality.

How many times do married couples look at video of their wedding? But
how many have a photo on their desk or living room?

You're confusing subject with use. Maybe video isn't appropriate for weddings, I'm not going to say. But that doesn't mean video is useless for other subjects.

I'm just not really sure what all these people plan on doing w/these
videos. You can't post them on DPR, you can't post them anywhere.

Have you never heard of youtube? And for those who are serious about cinematography there's vimeo-- essentially a amature film making site full of video. And there are more sites coming up over time.

There's a community of people who shoot cinema-- shot movies, experimental films, etc. Who use these cameras for more than babies, vacations and weddings.

don't know of a single place where you can post serious videos for
review and critique. I know of very few video contests.

Which doesn't mean they don't exist.

So I agree with you. Lets come back in a year and see how the new
video revolution is going. And be careful about accepting dinner
invitations :!)

Why so smug and snide.

Its almost as if because you don't want something, people who do must be lesser people?

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