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MPEG Streamclip for Windows should help.

curtmill22 wrote:

Hi LizaWitz, what I was referring to in my post is not your work flow
but what some of the numbers you were referring to mean.

Hi there-

I don't understand what you're not clear on with all those numbers, but I can try and answer any questions.

It sounds like you may need to get some software to deal with the video from this camera.

The funky encoding format (24p in 60i) is the same as the HV20 from Canon, and the other cameras in that line, and probably several other cameras. The HV20 is very popular with a subset of people who want to shoot 24p, and they are able to deal with the video-- and have been for several years (as that model is old at this point.)

So, I can say with some confidence that there's a solution out on windows, but it might mean you have to buy a new editor.

Ah, it turns out my favorite tool for this kind of work is also available for windows, and its free.

Go here:

Download MPEG Streamclip

This is a great tool for working with video-- its not an editor, but its good for moving from one format to another. Assuming the windows version is like the mac version there will be tools in it for pulling 24p video out of 60i stream, and for converting AVCHD to regular MPEG4 files.

Until the camera's out I can't give specific instructions or advcie.... but you can grab Streamclip now and see if you can work with sample video (once there's some sample video out there).

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