Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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tko wrote:

Yes, the youngsters forget about super 8 in the 1950's. Now everyone
was a home movie maker. And what did you do with all the movies? Have
your friends over to dinner and show them you vacation filmings?

That's why I and most others do film. You can put photos on the wall,
sell them, put them on coffee mugs, T-shirts, books, etc. What you
you do with video? What can you do with a thousand videos? Right now
I have 150,000 photos and several terabytes of storage. It's all I
can handle.

So, does anyone have a burning desire to rescue, restore, and look at
their families old super 8 movies? : )

How many times do married couples look at video of their wedding? But
how many have a photo on their desk or living room?

I'm just not really sure what all these people plan on doing w/these
videos. You can't post them on DPR, you can't post them anywhere. I
don't know of a single place where you can post serious videos for
review and critique. I know of very few video contests.

So I agree with you. Lets come back in a year and see how the new
video revolution is going. And be careful about accepting dinner
invitations :!)

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I just converted about 24 8mm movies from the 60s and 70s to DVD, and got to show my kids their great grandparents when they were young. I gave a DVD to everyone in the family for Christmas.

This is the value of video, IMO. The trouble w/digital video is the amount of shepherding (storage, transcoding) required between now and 50 years from now. The beauty of analog is, as long as you protected the film, a light and a lens is all that is needed to see it.

Our entire civilization runs the risk of losing our long term memory, as all these exabytes of data that everyone brags about are so ephemeral. Long-term storage and retrieval is now more complex than ever. In fact, when I talk to my customers about long term media archives, we are only planning out 5 years (!). That's the definition right now of "long term"

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