GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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Re: No, it really is 1080/24p. No interlace artifacts.

LizaWitz wrote:

I can't help you if you're on windows, as I'm on a Mac. If you're on
a Mac, here's the process for working with the video:

Hi LizaWitz, what I was referring to in my post is not your work flow but what some of the numbers you were referring to mean. It sounds like your use of the Mac makes it easy to deal with video HD formats.

I mentioned reading a blog on Vimeo that a really experienced user was having a real hard time working around editing video made in a smaller subset of 1080 format. He said it was impossible (windows) but maybe the Panasonic is not using a restricted subset of the standard?? I use Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premier Elements 4. Movie Maker is lame but free;-)

I would love to combine two gadgets together and have a hybrid camera (did you see the quality of those videos on the Pany Site? My oh My!) A small form camera (I already have a camera and lens system that I can not travel with. Too heavy. I can either take clothes and toothbrush or camera equipment in this modern world of restricted baggage weight allowances grin ) with one extra wide angle lens that is also a camcorder wow (well ok I'll have to slip into my pocket my lx3 - can't leave home without it:-) I just want to know that using Windows I'll be able to edit video without spending all my free time on it or being driven crazy.

So I guess I am starting to think that while expensive in real dollar terms it is affordable in meeting my needs of what I want to accomplish. I will still wait for the dust to settle. Whatever opinion people have expressed here time will tell and we will see if Pany is going to hatch an egg or have started a whole new chapter in digital photography merging with video. Limited consumer subset or massive new interest in the possibilities. I can hardly wait to find out! Curt on Cape Cod

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