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Re: It is combination, not in between

it looks like pany is counting on the A+B=C concept in letting people 'add up' the cost of 2 boxes and say that this C box is less than the sum of A+B.

fake logic.

the fact that a phone can play mp3s, connect to the internet, take photos, run apps/java - does NOT mean they sell using the strategy 'imagine if you added up the cost of all those devices'.

we EXPECT integration. and its not linear in that you don't just 'add up' components.

there is SO much shared inside an integrated device, its way beyond simple counting of prices for subassemblies.

this is marketing logic.

interesting that a lot of people seem to not see this.

the initial investment is the reason why its so high prices right now. but don't confuse that with some fanboy rationalization that 'look how much I SAVED by not having to buy 2 boxes instead of 1'.

somehow, I don't think pany is going to really hurt their own DEDICATED movie cams. just a hunch, though, knowing how protective pany is about their own tech and their own divisions.

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