GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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Re: It is combination, not in between

If I recall correctly, the G1 with comparable kit is more expensive
than most entrylevel DSLR's.

Looking at Amazon, the G1 is $40 more than an XSi with no lense. I'd say it's priced accordingly given that it gives comparable pictures in a much smaller package.

The G1H takes that and throws in what appears to be full fledged camcorder performance - which is worth at least another 7 to $900. As I said earlier, my parents went to Alaska and carried a super zoom and a non-hd camcorder. New, those two devices cost 1500. I would gladly to pay $1500 to get a quality camera - not a p&s - and a quality HD camcorder rolled into one device.

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