Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: Please,give this cheerleading a rest

Larry Winters wrote:

Come on...It's a 28-280 OPTICAL 35mm equiv...PERIOD...It's also f/5.8
at that 280mm equiv...No amount of ISO amplification, digital
interpolation or cheerleading is gonna change that...So let just
stick to the actual optical properties and let the others surface as
testing is done..

"OPTICAL 35mm equiv" is a meaningless expression. The actual, optical focal length range of the lens is 14-140mm, period .

The 35mm equivalent focal length depends on the size of the sensor, according to the crop factor. The 4/3 sensor has a native crop factor of 2.0, which is how the 14-140 lens becomes 28-280.

But if you're shooting 1080 video, you only need 1920x1080 of the 4352x2448 resolution of the sensor (for 16:9 shooting), so you're effectively shooting with a smaller sensor, giving a total crop factor of 4.53. So 14-140 becomes 63.5-635 equivalent.

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