GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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Re: What is affordable about that?

Then buy a G1. It is cheaper than GH1.

DjarumBlack wrote:

stefaan wrote:

I think this price is justified because they are first to market with
this all-in-one design.
This is not a photocamera, it is much more than that.
If computers become much more powerfull (HD editing), software easier
and price drops most people will prefer such a device.
No-one will accept a camera that can only take stills (consumers I
That is why I would say the opposite ... the other camera's are
overpriced because they lack important must-have (future oriented)
If people document events they will shoot 1080p HD (or better) video,
pick some stills out of the (4MP video later on) video clips and make
still photos (digital photo frame etc.) from those.
Why could canon ask so much for the first consumer oriented DSLR ?
It offered things the competition couldn't do (for that price) back
Same with Panasonic now. Those who think they need this GH1 don't
mind the cost at all. Those less interested in video could as well
buy whatever other DSLR or of course the G1.

This is a contradiction for panasonic then. Price does reflect the
"newness" of any technology, but it also reflects the willingness for
folks to get into any hobby. Panasonic can't say the G1 system is for
those moving up and in the same breath have it overpriced for the
market demographic they are targeting. The potential buyers are huge
for this system, but not at the price. For me, again, I could care
less about video. But I do want a small compact zoom lens that is
affordable. There is a huge market of folks who are ready to get rid
of their superzooms. Not at that price, I'm afraid.

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