GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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It's not how much things SHOULD cost, it's what the market will bear

Of course someone could argue, "oh for a 10x zoom shouldn't we be looking at 500 dollars?" (remember this is a fairly slow zoom). Well maybe, it will depend on quality. A Sigma 18-200 stabilised goes for around 400 dollars, but a Tamron 18-200 for 250, while the Nikon is nearly 600.

Now factor in a kit discount, remember that the G1's price includes a not so bad kit lens. Ok maybe you'd get to 1200 dollars in a good economy.

But this is not a good economy. And also, surely Panasonic, while not discounting the brand especially on such nice new products, also want to see the m43 standard gain share, not just sit on shelves due to the high price?

I look at the D90 and it can be found w 18-200 kit for 1200 dollars or even a bit less. It's video is less capable than the specs of the GH1 but it's not horrible. And its photo quality will be a good bit better. And that's from the photo brand with probably the biggest pricing power out there today.

So yeah, ok, I'll give you 1'100 dollars at most. But I think the GH1 will sell better if the kit stabilises around 1'000 dollars.

Which, again, remains far from "cheap" or "affordable", especially in the current economic times.

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