Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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The Kit Lens is for Consumers, not pros.

Larry Winters wrote:

I haven't read all the posts but if it hasn't been mentioned lets not
forget that most camcorder have lenses in the f/1.8-f/3.0 at 40-400mm

This is really easy to do when your sensor is miniscule. There's a tradeoff here-- you get absolutely everything in focus and you can have a super zoom lens -- this is good for consumers who don't care that their sensor is microscopic.

But you've got a noisy sensor, and every pixel on the sensor is a pixel in the video.

With M43, you have a huge sensor ,and that means that fast glass is going to be massive.... yet consumers want a 10x zoom, so panasonic gives us the 14-140 f4--- probably perfectly fine when you're shooting outside, and good for tourists.

But for those who want better preformanc,e there are a lot of lens choices to choose (and we' don't care about manual focus.)

Now, take a 25mm f1.4 lens and put it on that 4/3" sensor and you have something really spectacular-- unmatched by any camcorder.

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