Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Camcorders have much faster lenses...


I haven't read all the posts but if it hasn't been mentioned lets not forget that most camcorder have lenses in the f/1.8-f/3.0 at 40-400mm respectfully...The slows lens of the GH1 is going to severly hamper it, IMHO...I doubt there are too many videographers who are using f/5.8 lenses at 280mm equiv...

We'll see how it all turns out as specs are one thing and performance is another...Panny is big into dedicated video cams so I doubt they will kill their own video market too much with the GH1...


LizaWitz wrote:

So many people think that the video on the GH1 is useless and that if
you want good video, you need a camcorder. These people haven't done
their research, and kinda are missing the point of the GH1 (which is
all about video, if you don't need video, get a G1).

The serious amature video world (Eg: not professionals working for
hollywood who rent million dollar cameras) is pretty excited at the
potential and reality of DSLR cinema.

Camcorders have 1/3" sensors. This means deep depth of field. Great
when you're a tourist and you can't focus, but terrible for movie
making. This camera has a 4/3 sensor.

Camcorders have cheap non-interchangeable lenses. What you get is
what you get. The sensors are so small that you tend to get long
zoom distances. But its not great glass. This camera has a great
lens that gives 10x zoom, but also HD glass-- which is even harder
for it since the sensor being bigger the glass has to be bigger.

Camcorders shoot full auto all the time and pretty much only. The
pump up the colors and they make video that may be great looking out
of hte camera, has far less dynamic range and far less
controllability than a filmmaker wants. This camera lets you set
color and exposure modes manually, and thus you can get all the
dynamic range the much larger sensor will give you.

Camcorders grab video from a sensor that is, at best, 1920x1080
resolution. This camera has a 4000x3000 resolution sensor. That
means to get a 1920x1080 HD frame, the sensor data is downsampled 4
times. This means much better low light performance and much better
image quality for your video.

Really, Camcorders can't compete because they are meant for tourists
and taking pictures of babies.

IF you are a filmmaker or serious videographer, this camera is a huge
improvement, has no competition on the market right now for less than
$5000, and in some ways at any price.

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