Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

plevyadophy wrote:

Really, the GH1 is light years of anything else out there. Dinasours
of the type who in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary will
insist that if it has an optical viewfinder and 35mm sensor it must
be superior will go on having orgasms over the 5D MkII, until one of
the dinasours gets curious picks up a GH1 and then shows it to his
other pals in Jurassic Park. Then the reality will hit home.

Brilliant! I really kinda forgot that the 5D has a mirror, I mean, what is this, the 1970s? I just kinda am in denial-- I've been a bit obsessed about the G1 and pinning a lot of hopes on the GH1. Part of the reason I'm so down on camcorders is that I've been struggling with them the last several years-- those companies are still stuck on the "ITs a super 8 camera!" design-- they don't want to spend the tiny bit of effort to give us real creative control because the mass market is so consumer oriented.... I know there are enough people to support a good camcorder for filmmakers if they would just make one-- every manufacturer has a dozen models of camcorders, why not ONE targetted at people who aren't shooting their vacations?

I think the GH1 is going to have a big impact in that market-- all these photogs who are complaining that they don't need video (but still they want the GH1? why? cause its the latest and greatest? Ironic that they accuse me of only wanting it for that reason).... they really don't understand that the market is more than just stills--- there are a lot of people who really do value cinema..... people like me for whome that's the sole consideration (I appreciate the great stills capability, true, but its secondary)... and a lot of people in the middle.

I sure hope things work out and this camera hits its market potential and is a huge seller.

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