Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

LizaWitz wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

The Canon 5D MkII is often praised for it's video ability and many
photographers are almost having orgasms over the thing; it just so
happens that I have a magazine beside me in which a staff
photographer for a national newspaper is praising the feature
profusely saying how it changes things in photography bla bla bla.
Well, the Canon 5D MkII video is Mickey Mouse rubbish compared to
what the GH1 will be capable of.

First off, thanks for your thoughtful response. I think that the 5D
has a significant advantage over the GH1 in one particular area-- its
a full frame sensor. This means it can produce really lovely
images, but the downside of this is that its damn hard to read off 26
megapixels 30 times a second and downsize them into HD. The results
of this is the jello effect people talk about and which hurts the
image when the camera is moved quickly.

The GH1 has the advantage of a smaller sensor, and, more importantly,
one designed specifically for reading video off of quickly. This
should eliminate or mitigate the jello effect. But the GH1 sensor,
while quite large compared to camcorders is not as large as the 5D.

But what really makes the 5D mickey mouse is that the video is just
tacked on, the camera isnt' designed to shoot video ,and so there are
limited manual controls, no AF while shooting, etc.

Canon doesn't get it, but Panasonic does. Maybe Canon will in the
future, but I'm afraid it will be a couple years.

Also, the lenses are bog standard 35mm lenses. The GH1's kit lens is designed with video in mind.

Really, the GH1 is light years of anything else out there. Dinasours of the type who in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary will insist that if it has an optical viewfinder and 35mm sensor it must be superior will go on having orgasms over the 5D MkII, until one of the dinasours gets curious picks up a GH1 and then shows it to his other pals in Jurassic Park. Then the reality will hit home.

Really this camera should be a dream come true for photojournalists. It's small like a rangefinder type camera, it's fairly quiet in operation, has reasonable image quality AND it has very good video capabilities.

Panny just need to get their publicity people to work out a strategy for targeting professionals and persuading them that the G series, in particular the GH1 is a viable tool.

The only machine on the
horizon that will come close, and will probably surpass it's
abilities is the recently announced hybrid camera from RED which
costs several thousands more.

Yeah, Red Scarlets sound interesting, unfortunately, the price for
the brain is reasonable-- $2,500 -- though still a much smaller
imager than the GH1--- but the problem with red is that everything
else in their modular system is way over priced. For instance, the
module that accepts CF cards to record to is $500 all by itself.
$500 for two CF card ports. Its absurd. They may be competing
against hollywood digital cinema on price, but they aren't really
down in teh $5000 range yet.

Thanks for telling me/us that. I didn't realise the pricing was that nuts!!!


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