Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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Re: not a big problem

caterpillar wrote:

A dv tape whether HDV or SD will eat up around 13gb per hour. We
normally use about 5 hours of tape for a wedding typical. That's
about 70gb of storage including temp and supporting files. AVCHD will
take maybe only 8-9gb/hour depending on compression settings. That's
just about 50gb.

But even now, the storage is cheaper. A 1TB (1,000gb) hard disc now
costs around U$100, maybe lesss. A 1.5TB around U$140. Storage now is
affordable unlike a year ago.

It's the not size that will kill you. It's the cpu power required for
avchd. It's not panny's fault. It's the file format. Not good for
editing. Merely viewing. You will need a good software, quad core and
a decent video card (e.g ati hd 3450) to iew it without stutV So
viewing is possible even with old hardware.

thanks for making my point.

video (SD video) is now sort of easy on modern multicore cpus. HD video is a PITA (!) to edit. on my quad core system it still takes a long time to edit my HD mpeg (mpeg2) videos.

pany picked the only logical compression format for small flash cards but the price they paid in this design was 'uneditable files' or files that are 'already finished' and fit for viewing but not REALLY editable.

that one aspect makes this a toy camera in my mind.

if I'm going to do HD right, I want a native editable format. else why even bother!

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