Camcorders can't compete with GH1, here's why.

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not a big problem

liquidsquid wrote:

The ergonomics is the big one for me. Yes, the camera will likely
make great videos, but will it be practical to use for anything but
short clips? I cannot see holding it up during a concert for a long
time, or during any long-term event for that matter. Hand crampage.
Perhaps if I was still a teenager I would still have plenty of wrist
strength ;-).

I agree. but this is round 1 of a stills camera with video, but a very above board video capability. A small camera can easily be made big. But a big camera can't be made small. It is a matter of getting a rail mount (w/c others have done in the past) and suddenly that camera is more video friendly.

Maybe someone will come out with a center-balanced
hand-strap/shoulder mount and remote for this camera to emulate how a
real video camera should be held? I foresee a lot of herky-jerky
videos caused by holding the camera in one hand while attempting to
zoom with the other.

My previous paragraph addresses this issue. To add to it, you can always get a manfrotto steadycam or other more expensive steady cams. Or you can build yourself one and save yourself money. These issues are really not new and have been addressed by videographers years ago.

And if you are a videographer, you know how to zoom, and even manually focus even if the lens is long. I don't see the lens that come with it that long. You should see the lens that film makers use! They are long an so far (1 foot or so) from the film plane! They have to have a 2nd person as a puller to focus.

I for one love technology and the latest gadget, but I am also
practical. I wont buy something anymore that I will play with a few
times, and never pick up again. I will borrow my buddies, play with
it, then hand it back when I have had my fill. Let him pay the
premium for the fun of showing off.

I will watch this forum, and then see how many people in 6 months
still use the video feature on the camera for anything but taking
short clips. I am sure I will be wowed by the video clips.

The one place I could see this being used is on vacations. The last
time I was on a vacation worth filming... ummm I can't recall.

As an event shooter I can tell you now that what we normally do is shoot short clips (5-20 sec). The long clips spanning minutes are for the speeches and other stuff. I don't see any problem with long clips with any camera. Just mount it in a tripod with a fluid head and leave it on. Occasionally, you zoom in or out, or pan. But it's one of the easy things one can do.

The trick really is to shoot short clips and edit them as a whole. You may have a 2nd camera just for continuous shooting.

Oh, and one last point: Editing video, managing those big files, etc.
Say bye-bye to the rest of your spare time.

A dv tape whether HDV or SD will eat up around 13gb per hour. We normally use about 5 hours of tape for a wedding typical. That's about 70gb of storage including temp and supporting files. AVCHD will take maybe only 8-9gb/hour depending on compression settings. That's just about 50gb.

But even now, the storage is cheaper. A 1TB (1,000gb) hard disc now costs around U$100, maybe lesss. A 1.5TB around U$140. Storage now is affordable unlike a year ago.

It's the not size that will kill you. It's the cpu power required for avchd. It's not panny's fault. It's the file format. Not good for editing. Merely viewing. You will need a good software, quad core and a decent video card (e.g ati hd 3450) to iew it without stutV So viewing is possible even with old hardware.

For editing, you need better NLEs. Sony .Vegas can edit avchd natively. But Even the pros use proxy's to edit avchd videos. That's what Apples FCP does.

But if you are an amateur, why bother with these details? Shoot and watch. That's it.

Many of the issues are really non-issues of gargantuan proportions. For those who video, the gh1 is a BIG step and the right diirection. There is more to be done, but its basics for video is now solid with the gh1.

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