Samsung Hybrid Digital Camera: Game Changer?

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Re: EVFs aren't going anywhere

Erwin Buske wrote:

Dolan Halbrook wrote:

I think this comes more down to EVF vs mirror box than a given camera
per se, or even whether or not it has interchangeable lenses.

EVFs are still in their infancy in the way that digital sensors were
10 years ago. In 1998 most digital cameras were toys resolution-wise
compared to their film brethren, and most people didn't take them
seriously until the costs came down and the quality began to go up
(IMHO, right about when the Nikon D1 and Canon D30 came out).

The same is true for EVFs. Right now they're kind of toy like, but
like digital, there are inherent advantages on their side. You can
superimpose information. They can present an image > 1:1. They can
facilitate smaller camera system designs. And given a few years and
several million dollars in development, the perceived quality to the
end user will be there too.

In other words, it won't be a matter of if, but when, EVFs supplant
viewfinders. In the compact arena they've already won (in the form
of LCD viewing screens). In the interchangeable lens market we're
seeing the beginning. I'm guessing the battle will be over in about
five years time, and EVIL will be the norm for consumer level, and
make some inroads into the pro photojournalist market. In ten years
tim I think it will be pretty dominant across the board the way
digicams are now compared to film.

But who knows, I've certainly been wrong before.

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Toy Like? Have you tried out the new Panasonic G1 EVF--it is far
from Toy Like and has evolve to the point that it is a viable option.
An unlike the SLR viewfinder, it provides a superior way to manual
focus through magnification of the image. Further, I see the
ultimate futre not the EVF, but the LCD itself. Once we get beyond
image degredation due to sunlight this viewing is more natural for
photographers who have no linkage to an SLR film past.

I have tried one and toy like sums the Panasonic viewfinder up well. Contrast was not good enough black level was hopeless nor was the colour any good and as for what is was like in slightly poor light. For a first attempt fine but it has a huge way to go. I expect the Samsung will be a lot better though.

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