30D shutter button problem

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PcX wrote:

Ryan,I'm getting ready to try your repair on a 40D.But I'm using a
new switch instead of just cleaning the old one.The reason that I
decided to use a new one:(1)Thought the old switch may be broken/or
fatigued.(2)It had a different part number,so I ordered a couple for
$2.38 each!..part# for a 40D is WC2-5568-000.It appears to be
identical in every way to the 30D switch #CH9-0233-000.

Doug Kerr,who did the original pdf file on the fix thinks that it's
better to replace the switch(involves soldering).Said he had no luck
with cleaning it.I think replacing all the "innards" of the switch
without desoldering/resoldering the base makes a lot of sense.The
base section does not look like it would be the problem.I had no
trouble reassembling or taking apart the new switch.Anyway,I'll try
the repair in the next day or two and report back on how it is with a

Well,this is a reply to my own post-an update.I did the mechanical shutter release repair (a la instructions by Doug Kerr-20D/Ryan Shippelt-30D)..... but on a 40D.....It is quite a bit more difficult on the 40D for several reasons.The ribbon cables from the back to the camera chassis are much more involved to remove.The repair can be done with the back still attached,but at great risk of damaging one of the cables.

The release switch is in a more difficult location to access.In the 20D/30D,once the top cover is off,the switch remains attached to the chassis and easily reached.on the 40D,it is screwed into the top cover along with the front dial assembly.All this must be removed for access to the switch.

The top cover is more difficult to remove as a couple of wires have very little slack.The switch itself appears to be absolutely identical to those in the 20D/30D,but with a different part number.

I would strongly discourage this repair unless you are adept at such things.I'm used to working on electronics(tube audio equipment,TVs) and this was not too bad for me,but not a piece of cake either.Plus I am a dentist and have excellent dexterity,which helped a lot.If you are not competent handling electronics and small screws in places that are difficult to reach,dealing with circuit boards/static electricity,and possible soldering very small parts.....don't do this!I know that it is tempting due to the high cost from Canon for this repair.....but be forewarned.

I have many photos taken during the procedure that I can send to the truly brave(crazy) ones.


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