I thought firmware 1.0.2 fixed the thumbnail problem

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Re: I thought firmware 1.0.2 fixed the thumbnail problem

Jack O'Neill wrote:

Hi Dan,
I would hope that that were the case, but I'm going by what Canon
told this fellow. If his works when he gets it back, I'm sending
mine in. Dealing with ASICs on a daily basis though, I feel it
could be a timing issue with the processor. It's possible this
could be overcome with a firmware change, but than may have other
ramifications....Like maybe slower frame rate.

I'm a product manager at a hardware manufacturer, so I have a
little experience with ASIC-based products as well.

I don't know the details of the internal design of the D60, so
I'm unclear on how much of it is software-based and how much
of it is fixed in ASIC functionality. It would seem that, even
if this bug were indeed somehow related to the ASIC, the
software could check for validity in the thumbnail, and create
a new one if necessary.

The original poster quoted the woman at Canon as saying that
the processor might have "too much solder." This is clearly
nonsense, since soldering errors would lead to significantly
more random behavior. Based on this, I would have to assume
that she had no idea about what might be causing the problem.

In contrast, Chuck Westfall, Canon USA's Assistant
Director/Tech Info Dept., clearly does know what he's
talking about. He's chimed in on this topic:

"Canon Inc. has acknowledged the "D60 thumbnail bug" according
to the way I described it here several weeks ago, and they are
doing their best to resolve it. Unfortunately, they were not
able to fix it completely yet, and therefore they decided that
they would release the current firmware update as is rather
than witholding it while they continued to study the problem.
You can be assured that Canon Inc. is working diligently to
eliminate the "D60 thumbnail bug," and that a subsequent
firmware update will be released when they succeed.

"In the meantime, let me remind you that this phenomenon
occurs only occasionally, and only with RAW files, and that it
affects only the associated .THM file. The .CRW file which
contains the RAW image data is recorded intact and can be
downloaded and converted."

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