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Re: I'm not a Canon fan, Liza!

linuxworks, you are talking about special editable formats for PRO video ?

Yes, but that's really a niche, not what (most) people coming here to dpreview would ever consider because of the cost.

AVCHD/H.264-high profile is one of the best ways to store consumer 1080p video and edit it.

I use an intermediate codec as well and sure, you are right, doing it natively would be facilitated by a less compressed format on e.g. tape.

But the (consumer) world has moved to flash (some still HDD) and there's no way back for us.
Until months ago I also edited DV-AVI and sure that was easier in some ways.

Highly compressed video editing is putting a burden on any machine, but I edit fullHD video on a 5-year old PC. It takes more time, but can be done (not professionally of course).
My end results are in MPEG2TS and MP4/H.264.

AVCHD is a capture format. Can be used for other means (BR, PS3...), but I prefer another codec easy on the machine for edited results.
All this (AVCHD) can be done with freeware, but that may not be the best choice.

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