GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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Re: GH1 is going to be Affordable!

DjarumBlack wrote:

1200-1400? Thats steep. That is what I think killed some of pannys
other dslr offerings.

yup. VERY steep.

its not about adding up the cost of the items, its STILL sticker-shock in a down economy.

pany will sell more at firesale prices at the model's END than all the other months combined (my guess). just like l1, it gained its real following after the EOL firesale pricing.

pany always over-prices its higher end toys. those that have spare cash on hand and the desire to be an early adopter will jump in but I suspect at the 'over $1k level' this will not fly off the shelves...

yes, people want video and stills with 1 cam but I don't agree they are willing to foot THIS kind of pricetag to get it.

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