GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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Re: GH1 is going to be Affordable!

LizaWitz wrote:
Ok, name me a camera with these video capabilities for less than $1,500.

Now you can find lots of cameras and camcorders that will shoot
video-- but none that are comparable to this camera.

If the video feature has no value to you, then you should consider
the G1. If it has value, but you don't need the unique features of
this camera, then a tourist camcorder will be fine for you.

But if you need what this camera offers, there's no competition for
less than $4,000.

John wood wrote:

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The point is whether it is actually worth it to people who shoot still photography and to most people it won't.

Most people who own a G1 or a high end Dslr simple don't want/need video, HD or not.

I'm not considering (as I've said my previous post to this)any camera that requires a change of lens in the field.

I actually think Panasonic has made a marketing blunder by not continuing the FZ50 line with better low light capabilities ie better sensor aka LX3,a bigger LCD screen and other LX3 features.

It appears to have dropped that line for a selling lenses approach,which I think is a mistake against the likes of Canon/Nikon etc.
My opinion is just that.

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