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Re: something for something

LizaWitz wrote:
Wait, you're telling me that a camera whose sole purpose for existing
is to shoot video, with a lens-- that no other manfuacturer can
match-- for shooting video, is overpriced because you can name a
bunch of cameras--- which don't shoot video-- that are cheaper?

And then you say that video isn't important to you?

If that's the case, why do you even care to comment about this
camera? Buy the G1 or talk about it.

Well, I'm not just talking about myself, but also pricing in general and competition. You're saying that the whole purpose of the camera is to shoot video, but that's just untrue. Majority of peple will not buy the camera solely for that purpose. It will function secondarily as a video camera. Also, it is awkward to hold a conventionally shaped still camera for video shooting - this has been widely discussed with the Canon 5D mkII. But as to why I wan't the GH1, well what I wan't in the camera is:

  • small

  • sharp kit lens with wide focal length range -

the 14-140 should be a great lens and it's reasonable to buy as a kit

  • also an ultra wide zoom (like the 7-14)

I currently have two Canon DSLR bodies and a bag of lenses. I would use the m43 camera as a light carry-along solution. I don't want to change lenses that much on my vacations. I would expect the 14-140 to be sharper than the Canon version (I really do think that it WILL be sharper than the equivalent 18-200 from Nikon or Canon). And as such, I think it would be a great all-round solution. I also need and ultra widea lens for my camera. I'm also interested in the tilting LCD.

Of course, now that the GH1 is available, I'll rather take a camera that does have a nice video mode. I don't see the G1 as a sensible choise anymore.

So, now we come to the math - it's a horribly expensive solution (GH1 with the 7-14) and people can get a camera without video (or just a poor video solution) for a lot less. For me the price of GH1 + 14-140 + 7-14 would climb painfully high. You can't REALLY seriously claim that the 7-14 is reasonably priced? Almost tripple the amount of money that it will cost to get an ultra wide for other cameras. I find the price of the body and 14-140 a lot more reasonably than I find the 7-14.

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