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Re: No, it really is 1080/24p. No interlace artifacts.

Whoa, LizaWitz, you and RRJackson are getting too far out in front of me for me to understand what all the numbers you are talking about mean. I have been having a fair amount of fun shooting little short videos using my various compacts and point and shoot cameras. I stopped carrying the dedicated video camera (a little Canon ZR100) because of how much bother it was to download and capture. But the little avi's and mov files were quick and easy. So I would really be interested in a hybrid video/still camera. AND yet it looks like the format being used might be almost impossible to work with in anything other than the limited way Panny has arranged for the video to be shown. I did a search at (movie maker) which led to vimeo which led to a guy (forget the name) saying he was having no luck at all in working in 3rd party software for video editing with what seemed like similar file formats at 720 (whatever that is). Care to fill the rest of us in on what you are talking about. I want to play but might wait for the dust to settle. Curt on Cape Cod

LizaWitz wrote:

RRJackson wrote:

Actually, it's kind of a mixed bag, IMO. You can only use the motion
jpeg capture at 720p.

You can capture 720/60p using AVCHD, or 720/30p using MJPEG.

The 1080p24 setting is in reference to internal
processing, but the camera has to store it in AVCHD at 1080i, so it's
interlaced capture. Now, I can't stand interlacing artifacts, so to
me this is a 720p60 camera.

You're mistaken. The 1080/24p is really 1080/24p. Its just stored
in a 60i stream, which means you do a lossless pulldown before
editing. You get real 1080/24p, with NO interlace artifacts. Its
stored in the 60i stream to give you live HDMI out while capturing
(without having to put two codecs in there doubling the workload of
encoding to both formats.) It does this by splitting the
progressive frames into fields and then duping one of them to fit the
60i timing-- but the images are captured all at once, not interlaced,
and so when they are recomposited, you have no artifacts.

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