GH1 is going to be Affordable!

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Re: GH1 is going to be Affordable!

John Carson wrote:

Pixelizer wrote:

Seems to me when Canon 10MP DSLR's are advertised every week in the
papers for $599-699 with prime lens AND a 70-300mm zoom (equivalent
to, what, 450MM in 35mm terms?), $1,500 for this rig isn't exactly
what I'd call affordable!

Now quote the price with a Canon superzoom lens and you will be
halfway to a relevant comparison. Add in video, an articulating LCD
and a few other things and you will be all the way.

The video is going to appeal only to some ... most of us don't do
video, especially with our still cameras.

Then don't buy it.

That will be Panasonics big dellima. Folks who were considering now won't bite. I believe that from a sales point of view, it may cost consumers and panasonic in the end when it comes to new innovative stuff. They went down the slr road in the past, with very little success. They have the opporotunity to grap it by the gonads, but they won't. That is very frustrating from a consumers point of view. By complaint is not with the camera price, but with the lens price. 1500 for the kit I can bite on, but the price of the lens by itself is rather steep. I care really nothing about video. I think the only way panasonic can win is if they make a zoom lens only for the G1 camera for photography only at a good valued price. If tehy can manage that, they might get more adopters(like myself) of the system.

I think panasonic doesn't understand that when buying a dslr like camera, thats exactly what we are buying into, is a system. I think they are biting off too much by creating a lens that works for both cameras, but has the high price tag for the video. If they were smart ,they would make identicle lenses with different names. Software or firmware would be the only difference.


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