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Re: Spectacular!

Adding to John's comments on Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica as we've just come back from a trip there with Cheesemans.

It can be very wet with a camera killing drizzle some days that did for a number of unprotected cameras. We used Optech rainsleeves that are very cheap but are easy to use and meant we had no trouble in shooting in bad weather. Even so I wouldn't have wanted to go without at least one reserve camera each.

The main other hazard is the risk of damage getting in and out of zodiacs. For this we had our Lowepro packs stored in dry bags. Dryzone bags were specifically discouraged because of the difficulties with zips that people had had previously. A smaller drybag for holding just a camera and 70-200 would have been a good idea for zodiac cruising.

Cold wasn't really an issue - it actually isn't that cold anyway but 2 batteries were the most we used on any day.

You haven't mentioned a tripod but we found them invaluable but the trip is extremely destructive with sea water, grit and guano ending the days of one of our carbon fibre tripods.

In terms of shooting we were using RAW and were able to shot 16GB each in a morning on a couple of days so plan to have lots of back-up. We took six 300GB hard drives (3 main drives, 3 as back-up) doing no editing as we went along and did use all three over the 25 days of the trip.

Above all, enjoy yourselves as it is a life changing experience. And while everyone says it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, I'm not sure we are going ti be happy until we go back again......

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