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Re: No, it really is 1080/24p. No interlace artifacts.

LizaWitz wrote:

You're mistaken. The 1080/24p is really 1080/24p. Its just stored
in a 60i stream, which means you do a lossless pulldown before
editing. You get real 1080/24p, with NO interlace artifacts. Its
stored in the 60i stream to give you live HDMI out while capturing
(without having to put two codecs in there doubling the workload of
encoding to both formats.) It does this by splitting the
progressive frames into fields and then duping one of them to fit the
60i timing-- but the images are captured all at once, not interlaced,
and so when they are recomposited, you have no artifacts.

That's a kind of Mickey Mouse implementation of progressive-scan, but if it works I guess it works.

Plus people who are
serious want to do things like focus follow so the actor stays in
focus as they move around the scene-- the GH1 does this
automatically, while the 5D doesn't make it easy.

You don't do follow-focus with autofocus because mid-way though your shot the AF module may decide to veer off and track a dog or something. When you're shooting actors you use a tape measure and you rehearse the shot. People shooting narrative fiction don't use autofocus. Now, it might work out for some limited documentary work, but even then the unpredictable nature of autofocus tracking makes it kind of a dodgy solution.

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