Hiking 27 miles in Grand Canyon this weekend, what to leave behind?

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Re: Hiking 27 miles in Grand Canyon this weekend, what to leave behind?
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I hiked down from the North Rim about twenty years ago, with a Pentax 6x7, four lenses, Bogen 3021, lots of film, tent, sleeping bag, ground pad, water, food, extra clothes, coat etc. I think my pack was around seventy pounds. I took two days to get to Fantom Ranch.

The first night I spent at some falls - can't remember the name - but I was so tired from my load, that I barely took any pics. The second night I got to the bottom and it was so warm that I could have used only a sheet to cover up with.

I remember being so tired when I got down there, that I just took my pack off and laid down. I must have had my head laying in the middle of a game trail, because a baby skunk ran across my face several times that night.

The next day I had to get up early, because I didn't have a permit to stay another night and had to hike something like seventeen miles back out to the North Rim.

I remember wishing I only had a day pack a jug of water and my Olympus XA, that morning, because then I might have actually had enough energy to take some pictures. The trip back up was brutal, to say the least, I made it right before night fall. The moral of this story, is take less or you will be too tired to even take pictures. If I were to take a D700, I would go Galen Rowell style and take a 20/24 and a 85 and call it good.

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