Questions about polarizer filter

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Bill Borne
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Re: Questions about polarizer filter

Heh, I know you knew that Shutter! I was just surprised no one picked up on it.
Bill B

Shutter wrote:
haha, yes, you're right. I knew that. Duh. Just want to keep an
edge! LOL

Sorry about that.

Bill Borne wrote:

Shutter wrote:

Happyall wrote:

I do have a few questions though:
a) Firstly, when shooting facing the sun, the pictures are much more
hazy with the polarizer than without. Is this normal?

A polarizer is designed to be used at a 45 degree angle from the
sun. I get terrible results using it into the sun.

I think that should be 90 degrees from the sun for optimal
Which corresponds to Davids thumb remarks. You can over polarize
also which gives you unnatural looking deep blue skys.
Bill B

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