help me to choose between 135STF and 135ZA

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Re: help me to choose between 135STF and 135ZA

I got lucky and actually bought both of these fine lenses for a
bargain price - 1600USD (well actuallly 1280EUR as I live in Europe
in a country with 21% VAT) so basically I can say that I got them 2
for the price of 1. I also got the 1680ZA as well - there was a
computer store trying to go into photo business but failed and now
they were clearing the stocks (they had only 1 for each...).

Nice luck.

I opened the boxes and tried the lenses - both 135s. The STF is
really good at washing out backgrounds but only at some macro-like
distances and for background situated some distance away. It does not
wash out backgrouns for objests that are situated say more than 15m
(45feet) away - the DOF is just too deep. I see that the 135ZA is
actually similar (not the same - similar) at washing out backgrounds

  • so I am lost. And as the STF is concerned a different focusing

screen is definetly needed (at least for me).

Depends on how picky you are about bokeh (out of focus rendering). The STF lens maximises the quality of bokeh, not necessarily the amount of defocus. If all you want is maximum blur, the ZA lens is preferable, but if you want the best quality bokeh, the STF is your lens.

I think many of you would keep both but I am not sure because it is
still a lot of money for me and my wife still does not know it (she
is going to kill me - the usual story, you know...)

It all depends on what you'd use a 135mm lens for. For portrait use, I'd keep the STF. If it's for available light, handheld candid/street/stage photography etc, I'd keep the ZA.


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