Steve’s DigiCams E-30 review is up

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Re: Well, at £995.00 (body only) in the UK it aint a good buy!

Hi Ron -

I still have my E520, so I'm planning to do some direct comparisons between that & the E30. One of my gripes with the E510 (sold that some time ago for the E520) was banding, and being less than happy with noise in low light. I also have the G1, which shares many of the characteristics of the E30, and that performs very well too.

The first outdoor shots with the E30 look very promising - taken in the garden in fading light, so it looks good - and no evidence of banding. I set NR to low, and I'm seeing plenty of detail too. ISO 800 looks smooth and as perfectly OK to use.

ISO 1250 - 1600 is where noise starts kicking in, but I want that sometimes for B&W, and even 2500 is fine where I'm happy retaining noise, as it doesn't look to be a crude type of rendition.

But need to do more more careful shots before posting. The quick answer though is that the E30 is way better than E510 in terms of noise ... I think Oly have come a long way in that respect.

Ron Binmore wrote:

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Hi Rich,
I am just about to get mine early this week, how do you find it for
noise please? I took some pics with my E510 yesterday on ISO800 and
there is an awful lot of noise in there, the noise filter was set on
Standard, I have just upped it to HIgh to see what happens.


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Kind regards,
Rich Simpson

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