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Having fun in the low light… (12 pics F200)

Started Mar 1, 2009 | Discussions thread
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hpicckcy Veteran Member • Posts: 4,080
Having fun in the low light… (12 pics F200)

I was given an F200 to test use a short while ago. Apart from the impressive wide dynamic range, I'm pleased that Fuji have finally come up with really usable high ISOs again. And, its effective IS system has let me confidently take a shot handheld at any speed above 1/10s when shooting with the wide angle!

So excited was I to be able to have fun again shooting in the dim; and the first thing I tried out was documenting all my "familiar places" under the charming yet difficult lighting conditions, something I haven't been doing for a while. Glad that this new Fuji didn't let me down as some previous models did...:-)

From what I photographed and posted on my blogs lately, I've selected some low light shots and compiled this little series. Just hope you enjoy them as much as I do!:-)


1. These were all handheld; if a tripod could be set up to take them, I'd have gone for lower ISOs.

2. They were post-processed as were all previous pics I have posted, yet I'm glad to say that its out-of-cam images have responded pretty well to my standard workflow - even less time and effort were needed.

3. I would hesitate to comment whether its high ISO noise performance is superior to that of the F30/31. They're quite comparable but I'm not too concerned about the little marginal difference… somehow I seem to like the F200's a little more – the "digital grain" is more appealing, even more so in a b&w conversion.

4. Saying all these, you'd understand I'm not good at nor interested in pixel-peeping if you've known me long enough. Please also do not expect a review from me – better leave that to the genuine professional like dpreview.
5. Exif info should be intact.

1. "Documenting my familiar place" – Centre Street (1/20s, ISO 800)

2. "A 'warm' winter night” – Centre Street (1/20s, ISO 1600)

3. The Blue House – my last shot of it before its “revitalization” began (1/14s, ISO 800)

4. "night life" – Western Street (1/26s, ISO 1600)

5. "Uphill" (1/20s, ISO 1600)

6. "Footfalls" – Hollywood Road (1/10s, ISO 1600)

7. "A charming secondhand bookstore" – Park Road (1/13s, ISO 800)

8. "contemplating" – Centre Street (1/13s, ISO 800)

9. "The Center & Aberdeen Street" (1/10s, ISO 800)

10. "Overseeing" – Graham Street (1/10s, ISO 800)

11. "An aged corner building" – Algar Court (1/15s, ISO 800)

12. "Curious Court" – Elgin Street (1/15s, ISO 800)

Best regards,

‘Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.’
Henri Cartier Bresson


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