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some typos there,but you get the point... :)

should have read:

Arn wrote:
so probably the F200 will also (it's the Fuji way). I was just
comparing F100 sample images from Imaging-resource to G10 and LX3
samples and in EVERY image the F100 was significantly less exposed and
the shadows were less detailed (they were underexposed with the same
shutter speed and EV correction). So, Fuji is overstating the ISO. Go
see LX3 and F100 sample images on their site and compare shutter
speeds, apertures and look at the files - you'll see that the Panny
is definitely not overstating (at least in comparison to Fuji) the

And I shouldn't type this late at night.

bzzz wrote:

The LX3 is a good camera, and may in fact have an overall advantage
in low light, but you are overstating the advantage.

Two stops slower than 2.0 is 4.0. 3.3 is only 1.4 stops slower.
There's some conflicting information, but LX3's ISO setting appear to
be overrated by about 1/3rd stop. (Some claim it's overrated by
2/3rds.). Taking in account only ISO rating accuracy and lens speed,
the advantage to the LX3 is about 1 stop.

The low-light sensor advantage will go to the F200. If the sensor
advantage of the is about 1 stop, they are about even before
considering image stabilization performance. The image stabilization
advantage will probably be to Panasonic, so the Panasonic will
probably have an overall low-light advantage for non-moving subjects,
but not nearly as much as you are suggesting.

Like I said, Fuji is probably overstating sensitivity of the sensor.
And then there is the fact that Fuji doesn't have a histogram, which
makes accurate exposure harder. I'm experiencing it all the time with
the F100.

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