5D Mk II firmware video fix likely?

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Re: 1D Mk IV & 1Ds MK IV

ehlarson wrote:

Saying something 'works as designed' is a cop-out. If you find
yourself using that as an excuse your software development process is
BROKEN. All that truly means is that there is a bug in the design,
and it needs to be fixed.

It seems quite clear that the 5D2 has some bugs in the video
implementation design that should be fixed.

if I sit down with a client, and work out their business level specifications, and then the detailed specs and then they sign off on them - damn right, I'll come back to them and say it works as it was designed to. it's not a cop out but otherwise you'd have chaos trying to meet continually changing specifications with code.

as a software engineer you should realize that specifications are created and signed off on first - then code is written to conform to the specifications. if the specifications are met, but later on decided that they need to be changed - that is feature or scope creep - or enhancements if the software has already been signed off on and in production. bugs are when the software does not work as specified by the original specifications usually requires remediation of the problem if significant. you could say if you use your analogy that every camera made to date is extremely buggy because it's all been replaced by a new model. so therefore, the prior model didn't have the correct specifications.

the specifications are designed with respects to marketing plans and future products in which we have no idea what they are from canon. so we can't necessarily even comment on a flaw in the design or specification process, because we don't have the full picture. specifications are also going to balance the time and effort for development, usability and a midrid of other facters in which we have no idea what went on or the decisions and factors that finally decided on the current specifications. For all we know during field testing on the prototypes, the users didn't like manual control and found themselves continually using AE.

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