TZ7 ZS3 AVCHD Lite format is great to work with

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Re: TZ7 ZS3 AVCHD Lite format is great to work with

I don't quite understand what you mean, but if it's the standard MS WMV9 encoder than I don't think it'll work.

You better buy an AVCHD capable editor or conversion program that also converts AVCHD.
You can download freeware, but I found it's not really the best option.

My suggestion: use the MJPEG option instead. OK, it'll produce larger files at first, but at least as good quality.
I'm glad my D-LUX 4 has MJPEG, but of course AVCHD IN ADDITION is always better.

There is no simple magic solution when it comes to AVCHD. I could say e.g. Sony Vegas 9 (PC) / iMovie 2009 (Mac) will work, but that would mean you want to invest time in editing and learning about not-so-easy softwares.
If you want freeware you could a.o. try the latest version of FFMPEG.

If youwant the MJPEG way: first convert to AVI using MP4cam2AVI v 2.81 (freeware) and then ANY editor will/should work fine !
Good Luck.

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