Questions about polarizer filter

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Questions about polarizer filter

Thanks to the folks who posted pictures/links showing the effect of a polarizer filter, I decided to get one for my 707 camera. Took some close up pictures of my kids on a sunny Saturday and the polarizer was great in removing the glare in their hair and on their faces. Wife said the filter was money well spent!

I do have a few questions though:
a) Firstly, when shooting facing the sun, the pictures are much more
hazy with the polarizer than without. Is this normal?
b) Secondly, with the polarizer attached, does the camera automatically
adjust for proper exposure when shooting in Shutter Priority or
Aperture Priority. I noticed a majority of the pictures that day are
slightly darker than actual. Do I simply need to increase the EV setting
to compensate for the slightly dark lens of the polarizer?
c) Lastly, the polarizer I got is a B+W F Pro Circular (the camera store did
not have a linear in stock and I wanted one quickly). The ring turns
smoothly and snug, but there is about 1/16" of play longitudinally
accompanied by a clicking sound when I pull it. Normal? I am concern
that there might be a slight droop if I were to attach a heavy lense in
front of the polarizer.

Much appreciate any help. I am new to photography and have learned a lot from this forum. Many Thanks.

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