Questions for Olympus part 1

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Simon Joinson
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Questions for Olympus part 1

Here's the unedited list of questions we're taking to Olympus. We'll never get through all these so i'm going to tidy this up, organize it and give it to Olympus to see if we can get written answers to all of them (experience tells me there's some that will inevitably get a 'no comment')

• were you pleased with the announcements you were able to make this year

• What will be the form factor for Oly's version of µFT

• When will we see 100mm macro as per map?

• Will we see swd added to any of the existing lens lineup?

• Is there going to be a Tilt/shift-lens for Olympus 4/3? Ever?

• What are your plans for pancakes and primes, especially a Zuiko Digital 25mm f1.4 (lots of requests for fairly fast primes). Will there be any more primes for 4/3? or are they going to be made for m4/3 instead?

• Any chance of a long range Prime like a HighGrade Zuiko 300mm F4 or 400 F5,6 with focus limiters

• And for SuperHighGrade: Where are the SWD Versions?

• What are Olympus' plans for the future of the 4/3 system? Put another way, does Olympus consider the 4/3 system viable in the long term, e.g. 5-10 years and beyond?

• Will Olympus enter the enthusiast compact market vs. the Panasonic LX3, Canon G10 and Sigma DP1? Or will that be the purpose of micro43?

• Will micro 4/3 ever have a weatherized higher grade component or will it always be a more entry level / consumer system.

• Any plans for a weatherized E-3 successor in the near or far future?

• Can XD finally be put to rest and switched to SD?

• When we can expect to see a far better LCD resolution on Olympus cameras (e.g. 1MP)?

• Exactly how 'weather sealed' is the E-30 (Is the card slot sealed at the inward end? The battery compartment appears to be the same design as the E-1, with the secondary battery latch from the E-5x0 series. What about the rest of the camera? Buttons, flash, screen, body seams)?

• which lenses will receive a firmware update to enable AF on micro-4/3 (even if it's slower)?

• will it be possible to use the teleconverters (EC-14, EC-20) in combination with the micro-4/3 adapter? Currently, this is not possible with the Panasonic adapter; coud it be that the standard doesn't allow for any stacking of accessories.

• Will Olympus ever release a weather sealed, mid range body, to match it's mid range lineup of weather sealed lenses?

• Will there ever be 43mm f1.2 portrait lens for 4/3 or m4/3 system (so we can finally get closer to 85 f/1.4 portrait standards of 35mm world)?

• Will there be a m4/3 with EVF (similar to Panasonic G1) and is there a plans for a rugged version? Does Oly plan to have different m4/3 series or just the one?

• Any plans on improving sensor high ISO and DR performance?

• Will there ever be

• What's the target for e-system - how many bodies and lenses? Do you plan to update currently outdated roadmap?

• Any comments on worldwide gain/lose and marketshare in 2008?

• Are you currently looking for new member(s) of 4/3 alliance?

• Should we expect brand new type of sensor which will change the game (in terms of dynamic range, noise or speed) within 2 years?

• Any comments on full 14/16-bit native sensor and RAW output?
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