To those who upgrade from a D80 to a D90

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Re: To those who upgrade from a D80 to a D90

To me, upgrade from:

D70 to D80 = quite happy~!
D80 to D90 = absolutely happy~!

From D80 to D90, I got more useful features (for my usage ) than D70 to D80, such as:

Cleaner image (people said noisier at low ISO, but I really didn't see it, honestly) Built-in automatic Chromatic Aberration correction (great!)
Active D-Lighting White Balance customizations and can store multiple custom presets
3D Tracking AF (it really works!) Live View
Video mode (an added bonus, and it's fun)

Too bad nothing is perfect, I do have a few complains:
No real ISO100

Because of the larger LCD, the directional pad moved slightly to the right, thus, I usually accidentally pressed it (focus point moved)

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